SWIFT™ 510

Fastest In-Line Hot Foil Patch System 

SWIFT™ is an add on for printing presses to save foil, register holograms and apply patches. The system is designed to be movable to any printing station on the rail of narrow web printing presses.


 ✓ A very high stepping frequency by vacuum buffers moves the foil up to 20 times per second, allowing a resulting web speed of 120 m/min. Even with short labels repeat length, high printing speeds can be achieved, where traditional mechanical savers cannot save anymore

 ✓ SWIFT™ is very robust and processes all types of foils: standard hot foils, holographic foil, magnetic strips, etc. 

✓ SWIFT™ optionally provides efficient brand protection with holograms and prestigious designs with lenses at low per-unit costs 

✓ SWIFT™ is available with a flexible number of streams and foil widths

Typical applications: Cosmetics, body care, brand protection, security


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